Parenting Arrangements

At Village Family Lawyers, we understand that negotiating parenting arrangements after a separation can be tricky.

It is often the most emotional and anxiety-inducing aspect of the separation process.

We prioritise parenting issues over all other family law issues by taking a calm, measured and child-focused approach.

Our lawyers are parents themselves, so they naturally understand the emotional aspect of parenting matters.

Alternative dispute resolution and Court

  • We promote alternative dispute resolution such as mediation in our parenting matters (except in cases of family violence or abuse).
  • We also have experience in representing fathers and mothers in parenting matters in Court.
  • Our success rate for settling parenting matters before a Final Hearing is very high.
  • Our goal is to empower our clients to make decisions in the best interests of their child/children.
  • This involves advising our clients on how the law determines what is in the best interests of a child, but also practical steps to reduce conflict and reach agreement with the other parent.

Parenting arrangement services

We can assist with advice on mediation and also the drafting of Parenting Plans and Consents Orders (if arrangements need to be binding and enforceable).

We can also assist parties (other than parents) that need family law advice in respect to children. For example, grandparents or step-parents.

Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans are the ideal option for separated parents who want to effectively co-parent their children and be on the “same page” as to living and spend time arrangements and “big picture” decisions such as education, health and children’s expenses. 

They can also cover holiday arrangements and extra-curricular activities. 

Parenting Plans can be reviewed and varied from time to time, however, they are not binding and enforceable.

Village Family Lawyers can provide advice on and draft Parenting Plans.

Consent Orders

Consent Orders are a suitable option for separated parents who have negotiated and agreed to parenting arrangements. 

Consent Orders are usually drafted by lawyers and then filed with the Court (without the need for Court proceedings).  Unlike Parenting Plans, they are binding and enforceable.

Consent Orders are a low-cost and low-stress alternative to Court proceedings. 

Village Family Lawyers can provide advice on and draft Consent Orders.

Court Orders

Court is always the last resort. 

However, in the event that a parent is not spending time with their child/children in accordance with their parenting rights, it may be appropriate to file an application to the Court for parenting orders. 

Court Orders for parenting matters usually cover who the child/children are to live with and when they are to spend time with the other parent. 

It is best to receive comprehensive advice when involved in family law Court proceedings. 

Village Family Lawyers are experienced in representing both mothers and fathers in Court proceedings and provide robust and empathetic legal representation for their clients.

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