There are many ways to resolve your family law dispute without the need to go to Court. Your options include negotiation, mediation, family dispute resolution and arbitration. Our lawyers are trained in alternative dispute resolution practice and are focussed on resolving your matter as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Mediation, (otherwise known as family dispute resolution) is a great way for parties to resolve their parenting and property disputes with minimal involvement from lawyers. We are strong advocates of mediation (in particular, for parenting matters) because the process can assist in maintaining control over the outcome. 

We are able to guide you through the mediation process and provide you with preliminary legal and practical advice before your scheduled mediation.

Our clients find it beneficial to obtain preliminary advice from our lawyers in respect to their entitlements and options before their scheduled mediation, or family dispute resolution session. Doing so affords them with the knowledge and confidence they need during mediation and family dispute resolution sessions. 

Pre-mediation consultation

90 minute pre-mediation consultation

We offer a 90 minute pre-mediation consultation for a fixed-fee of $750 (incl. GST)* where we will provide you with general information about the mediation process, identify the issues that need to be resolved, provide advice specific to your circumstances and assist you to formulate a pathway to resolving your family law matter.

After we meet with you, we will provide you with a written letter of advice which sets out your range of entitlements and options for reaching agreement in your matter.


*this fee includes reviewing any previous settlement proposals and any relevant documents (up to and including an additional one hour of reading time).

Lawyer-led mediation

Sometimes it is appropriate for parties to undertake “lawyer-led” mediation, which is a process where you and your former spouse/partner are each represented by a lawyer during the mediation.

Lawyer-led mediation is particularly useful where private communication has broken down, where there is a power imbalance or where the asset pool and parenting issues are complex.

Lauren Wilson is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and a proponent of the mediation process.

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